Saturday, January 05, 2008

Soda Pop Top Fashion....

Soda pop-top belt, 'Agnes in Gold' Here's one way to recycle..... soda pop tops. Wish I had the patience to make my own or to have even thought of doing this, but due to time.... carpal tunnel and lack of patience, I'll leave it to others. Soda Pop Top fashions are pretty cool.....

Soda pop-top belt, 'Agnes in Gold'
Sleek and stylish, this belt by Neide Ambrosio celebrates eco-chic. Elegant in golden tones, the belt features pop-top panels held together by fine crochet work.

Soda pop-top backpack, 'Pink Dazzle'

Soda pop-top backpack, 'Pink Dazzle'
Combining shining threads with gleaming aluminum, Neide Ambrosio
presents a delightful backpack-style purse. She crochets the innovative, modern piece by hand. By recycling pop-tops, she affirms environmental

Soda pop-top cell phone pouch, 'Three Colors True' Soda pop-top cell phone pouch, 'Three Colors True'
This versatile bag by Neide Ambrosio keeps a mobile phone handy. Carried on a shoulder strap, the cell phone pouch is crocheted by hand. She
incorporates pop-tops into the design, recycling them into fashionable works of art.


Lil Mouse said...

my older brother had a light blue stuffed animal racoon with a pop top necklace and a cigarette somehow stuck in his mouth. he thought it was cool. i thought it was stupid.. well, maybe the necklace was cool

Neen said...

Pretty clever. I kind of like those items.

Anonymous said...

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