Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fascinating Art Work: Driftwood Horses by Heather Jansch

There is nothing I can write more eloquently, than what the artist herself has written. Someone emailed me with these pictures and the links -- they are gorgeous and fascinating. Visit her site to read how and why she started doing this; it's amazing (plus she does other animals too). Here is a small snippett from HEATHER JANSCH's interview:

Q Where did you get the idea to work with driftwood?

A Entirely by chance and from seeking to find a unique form of creative expression that felt like my own. I was tired of following in other peoples footsteps. I had been working with copper wire and the sculptures were like Da Vinci’s line drawings but lacked the power I wanted. One day I while I was out my son could not find any kindling wood to light the wood-burner and had chopped up a piece of ivy that had grown round a fencing stake, he had left behind a short section that I immediately saw as a horses torso of the right size to fit straight into the copper wire piece I was working on. The next question was where could I find more or similar shapes and the answer was of course driftwood.
From more pic's visit here:

Monday, July 02, 2007

Good Desserts... Praline Cake, Pear Cake ... "YUM-O"

I know it's summer. I know you are suppose to watch your weight... but hey, company is coming and you need a great dessert or you can give it as a gift ... I'm sure the recipient will offer you a slice. These are "YUM-O"... and definitely make a statement. Rich, creamy and worth the calories ; )

European style rendition of praline has hazelnuts, almonds and a hint of smokiness.Three layers of hazelnut butter cake filled with crushed pralines, praline buttercream and chocolate buttercream, finished with praline buttercream and crushed pralines, and decorated on top with a small cluster of pralines.
Ingredients:Butter, Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Buttermilk, Bittersweet
Chocolate, Vanilla Extract, Baking Soda.

Pear and almond...a classic flavor combination. Rich and creamy. Three thin layers of almond cake filled with poached pears and bavarian cream, finished with white buttercream and honey toasted almonds, and
decorated on top with dried pear slices.

Ingredients:Eggs, Heavy Cream, Pears, Butter, Almonds, Flour, Marzipan, Sugar, White
Chocolate, Pear Liqueur, Vanilla Extract, Honey.

Black Hound New York

Top Pool Pickup Lines .... : )

This is not my post... but I saw it and it made me smile all day... You gotta love the beach when spring break hits.... from the beginning of mankind there has always been a "pick up line" So without further adieu (from "Oh My Apartment") these are classic : )

It’s almost that time of the year again… getting in shape, working on that tan, and dusting off your repertoire of fail safe pick up lines! Here are a few funny pick up lines to refresh your memory if last summer seems just too long ago.

1. Can I see your tan lines?

  • Who said tan lines were a bad thing? Strike up a conversation poolside about what kinds of sunscreens give you that golden tropical tan. Maybe your prospective sun bather will invite you to help them reapply.

2. Oh no I’m drowning… I need mouth to mouth quick!
  • Who knows, maybe that cute guy over there is a former lifeguard… it can’t hurt to try. The damsel in distress act is a sure fire way to catch the eye of a poolside lounger. He’ll feel like a hero, and you’ll have to take him to dinner in order to repay his favor. Everyone wins!
3.So… did you hear how I saved that little girl from drowning last month? Awww what a guy!
  • Women love men with big hearts – and muscles – so letting your poolside crush in on your lifesaving stories is a good way to break the ice. So what if the ‘little girl’ was actually the little girl’s toy doll. It’s the thought that counts, right?

4. Let’s go back to my place and get out of these wet clothes.
  • What a thoughtful gesture. No one’s comfortable in a soaking wet bathing suit. You might also mention your recent purchase of luxury spa bath robes… who can resist wrapping up after a refreshing dip in the pool?

5. I must be lost… I thought paradise was further south.
  • Regardless of whether your pool really is a luxurious haven, or a trashy college hangout, it’s the clientele that make the place. Let your fellow apartment residents know that their bikini clad bodies are other worldly.

6. Do you know karate? Cause your body’s kickin! Cheesy?
  • Yes. But behind this pick up line there’s a guaranteed laugh. Let your prospective hottie know that those hours sweating away at the gym have really paid off.
7. Wanna come jump in the pool with me? Cause you just caught me on fire.
  • Not only is this a flattering statement, it invites your poolside crush to spend some time with you in the pool. Show off your backstroke, splash around, and flirt like there’s no tomorrow.
8. All those curves, and me with no brakes.
  • This line is no longer reserved for guys with slicked back hair and short leather jackets. Just make sure you’re not too serious when you say it. You’re trying to flirt, not frighten. Use with caution.
9. Is it hot out here, or is it just you?
  • Well, we all know it really is just hot. But this line is a little more flirty than ‘So… what about this weather?’ Talking about the weather like that is reserved for retirement communities and awkward conversations with your great aunt Gertrude.
10. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave… you’re making the other guys/girls look really bad.
  • Hopefully you’re not insulting all of your crush’s friends by dropping this line. But seriously… who doesn’t like to hear that they’re the cutest one in their group?

11. Hey, you were great on Baywatch last night!

  • Baywatch, the epitome of beauty on the beach. Therefore, the ultimate complement.

12. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  • Confidence is attractive, so go out on a limb and drop this line on the nearest hottie. If you’re turned down, at least you’ll get some exercise from all that walking around.

13. You look like you could use some help rubbing in that tanning oil.
  • What’s more sensual then a soothing massage? Perhaps you could mention the fact that they feel a little tense, and ask them up to your apartment for a beer.
14. Is your name Summer? Cause you are hot!
  • Alright, alright… this line might be close to exceeding the cheeseball limit. But hey, at least you’ll get some points for humor, right? Let’s just hope her name isn’t really Summer, cause that could be awkward.
15. I’m new at the complex… can I have directions to your apartment?
  • Play up that vulnerable, innocent ‘new guy’ persona, and maybe she’ll take you under her wing.

If any of you beach lovers out there here some new ones, please, please, please, leave a comment. A) To help someone out who needs a line, and B) so the rest of us can chuckle!