Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hot Water Bottles. A Perfect Take Along To the Beach

Looking for the perfect health aid to take on a trip or a nice pillow for the beach? Ever think of using a hot water bottle? Hot water bottles are easy to travel with, especially on a long flight or bus ride. Going to the beach? Fill one of these about half full and freeze it. It'll keep you cool for hours! Bet you never thought a hot water bottle could be so cool! Hot Water Bottles are also fabulous to use for aches and pains, muscular tension, stress or cramps. Can't sleep on a cold night? A cozy hot water bottle will work its magic. Cold Feet? Hot water bottles keep your footsies warm and comfortable. A great tip for the traveler : )

Flashy Plaid Cover Hot Water Bottle (Assorted Colors)

Transparent Classic Hot Water Bottle - Made in Germany

Transparent Frogs Hot Water Bottle - Made in Germany

A bunch of frogs floating around in your hot water bottle! What could be more fun? With an extra large mouth, it makes pouring hot water into the bottle easier and safer. Fill the bottle with hot or cold water and they float around enjoying the view. This transparent frogs hot water bottle is fabulous to use for aches and pains, muscular tension, stress or cramps. Hot water bottles are easy to travel with, especially on a long flight or bus ride. One side has a very light single-ribbed design to spread the heat more evenly and comfortably. The other side is glossy smooth for maximum heat. Keeps the heat longer than rubber bottles and never gets that old-rubber-bottle smell. The transparentcy is so unique. Allows you to see the water inside.

Gift silk embroidery hot water bottle cover This Figleaves hot water bottle cover is designed in pure silk satin and embroidered with a floral design. Your hot water bottle is slipped into the cover at the top and then the neck is secured with ribbons. It is 15"x8.5". (and silk)

Light too bright? Get a matching mask : )

Gift embroidered eye mask This Figleaves eye mask is designed in soft, silk rich satin, feeling soft and light on your skin. It is embroidered with a floral design and kept in place
with an elasticized head band.

Gift hand knit hot water bottle cover This hot water bottle cover from Figleaves is hand knitted in soft, thick yarn mixed with angora, and has a chunky cable knit design. The front is embellished with a grosgrain bow and the neck of the cover fastens behind with mother-of-pearl buttons.

P.S. you can get the plain red one at your local drugstore, but they aren't as pretty as the ones online : )

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Free Flip Flops For Drunken Women in the UK

Too amazing NOT to be true! Police in the UK will be offering free flip-flops to female binge drinkers who keep falling over in their heels.

Believe it or not ... Drunk ladies in high heels in the UK are to be protected - at public expense - from twisting their ankles while drunk. Police will hand them flip-flops to wear outside nightclubs as they head home. The effort is part of a £30,000 drive by police and councillors to prevent ‘alcohol-related harm’.

Superintendent Chris Singer (in the photo on the right) poses with two pairs of flip-flops. As part of a £30,000 health and safety scheme, flip-flops are to be given free to drunk women to prevent injuries on their walk home.

Original story from (Nov. 27, 2008)
Hmmm, bet Jimmy Buffet would think it's a great idea ... didn't he " blew out a flip-flop, Stepped on a pop-top, Cut his heel and had to cruise on back home," when he was Wasted away in Margaritaville?