Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweet Control. I think I'm gonna need it!

I surely think this is worth a try. I just bought a bottle and will let you know : ) I have a serious sweet tooth.. with the holidays ... I better watch out or I'm gonna pout!

This is called Sweet Control --- To Control your blood sugar level resulting in less sugar induced anxiety and better weight control. A nutritional supplement that will help to reduce high levels of glucose in the blood, helping to prevent such diseases as diabetes.


• Reduce resistance to insulin.*

• Improve the correct functioning of insulin*

• Diminish anxiety caused by sweet foods.*

• Help in weight control.*

• Collaborate in control of the appetite.*

Friday, November 20, 2009

Melons and Sweetcheeks... New swimsuit designer!

Check out our new designer: Melons and Sweetcheeks (adorable company name don'tcha think?)
Baby's got sass! This sweet and sassy bathing suit could be yours, custom made to fit your form like no other courtesy of Melons and Sweetcheeks. A modern twist on a vintage inspired design made with yellow spandex printed with luscious cherries and white eyelet lace ruffles with red ribbon.

This is an adorable bikini, prefect for a day at the beach! The bra top has underwire to provide excellent support and looks amazing on sexy model Sarah!

This is just one from the collection -- check them out at Get Go Retro!

Heidi Klum Post Baby Bod ... I'm So Jealous

Yes! I admit it ... I'm Jealous!!!! The woman pictured above, Heidi Klum, just gave birth 6 weeks ago! She is either living in the gym or some kind of lucky!
The Project Runway host strutted down the runway at the 2009 Victoria’s Secret fashion show held at The Armory on November 19, 2009 in New York City. Klum and her hubby Seal welcomed a baby girl they named Lou on October 9th.