Friday, January 11, 2008

Hula Hoops Making a Comeback!

It must be official... I read it in the Post! Hula hoops once the playthings of children, are making a comeback in the adult fitness arena!

New, larger hoops are now made just for adults; their added weight and circumference makes it easier to keep the hoop spinning around the body. This means that even if you think you won't be able to hoop, chances are good that you'll catch on quickly. A growing group of people all over the world are using the hula hoop as a tool of artistic expression, meditation, fitness and unadulterated fun. They call themselves hoopers or hoop dancers, and have an online bible at They can be found swirling their hips lazily in the sun at summer festivals, dancing with passion and precision in ightclubs and parties, and working up a sweat in fitness classes.

Also, game innovator of yesteryear, Wham-O, plans to bring some of its classic products -- including FRISBEES, HACKY SACKS, HULA HOOPS and others -- to the video gaming world. The company is working with FOG studios on multi-platform games, although the Wii system is obviously best for this project.

Want to give hooping a whirl? Check online for a hooping group near you at, order an instructional DVD and premade hoop from, or gather a few basic materials and make your own hoop (see instructions). Hooping is low impact and irresistibly enjoyable, so set your inhibitions aside and step into the spiral.

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