Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink Dolphins! Cuter than Pink Elephants : )

Amazing ..... Pink dolphins are a rare breed of freshwater dolphins that make their home in the Amazon River. Beautiful as well as smart (their brains are 40 percent bigger than a human's), they are the largest of the four known species of river dolphins.

Unfortunately, they are also endangered due to pollution, overfishing, and destruction of their natural habitat. According to National Geographic, approximately 100,000 of them remain.

Wonder why they are pink?  Its actually the blood vessels! Their blood vessels run directly beneath their skin, which is thinner than marine dolphins. So they appear pink, its actually just their blood!They also have some pink pigmentation, which helps.   They also blush like humans do, when we are nervous or exited, our hearts beat faster, and the blood vessels swell in our faces, and the dolphins do it too when they are happy or exited.
Source:  Flickr


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