Wednesday, September 17, 2008

James Bond AKA Daniel Craig Say's He Will Never Wear Tight Trunks Again ... Say it ain't so!

According to a post in Lepaparazzi ... "Daniel Craig has vowed never to wear tight trunks in a James Bond film again." That can't be ... Bond never to wear tight trunks again????

The 40-year-old hunk -- who sent pulses racing when he donned fitted blue swim shorts in a beach scene for his first film as the suave British spy in 2006's Casino Royale -- is refusing to squeeze into the sexy swimwear again.

He said, "I'm not going to put those trunks on ever again."

Craig also revealed he will not look as toned and muscular in new film Quantum of Solace because of a different exercise regime.

He said, "I trained differently this time."

A source added, "Even if he has spent less time in the gym and will be wearing more clothes, Daniel would be hard-pushed to disappoint his female fans."

A fan said, "Craig may say he is not as buff as last time but he still looks in pretty good shape."

Quantum of Solace, which also stars Judi Dench; Olga Kurylenko; and Jeffrey Wright, is released in the UK on October 31, and worldwide throughout November.