Wednesday, May 28, 2008

IPODS iin Paradise. What Would Jimmy Buffet Say?

Forget the two cheeseburgers in paradise! I was reading an article by Dan Frakes ( who evidently on a trip to Kaui (Hawaii) visited the Kokee Lodge, which has a tiny restaurant and gift shop in the heart of Koke'e park where he saw the Tropical Ipod Beach Chair. That’s right; tiny Hawaiian iPod beach chairs—the perfect size for providing your iPod or iPhone with a few moments of relaxation. The chairs are functional, as well: the bottom of each chair’s seat has a small opening for Apple’s dock-connector cable, so you can actually charge and sync your iPod or iPhone while it’s relaxing.

So Kitschy, but also so cute. Goes on my "I Want" list. What will people think of next?