Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fascinating Art Work: Driftwood Horses by Heather Jansch

There is nothing I can write more eloquently, than what the artist herself has written. Someone emailed me with these pictures and the links -- they are gorgeous and fascinating. Visit her site to read how and why she started doing this; it's amazing (plus she does other animals too). Here is a small snippett from HEATHER JANSCH's interview:

Q Where did you get the idea to work with driftwood?

A Entirely by chance and from seeking to find a unique form of creative expression that felt like my own. I was tired of following in other peoples footsteps. I had been working with copper wire and the sculptures were like Da Vinci’s line drawings but lacked the power I wanted. One day I while I was out my son could not find any kindling wood to light the wood-burner and had chopped up a piece of ivy that had grown round a fencing stake, he had left behind a short section that I immediately saw as a horses torso of the right size to fit straight into the copper wire piece I was working on. The next question was where could I find more or similar shapes and the answer was of course driftwood.
From more pic's visit here: